Google Devs opens on Instagram

Shortly after deleting Google Plus and, consequently, eliminating millions of communities around the world (including those of Google), the company announces its commitment to Instagram.

In the Google blog they dedicate a text to the launching of their new account in this social network, which is not only conquering the younger masses, it is also “forcing” all companies to have an active presence there.

They report that they launch @googledevs , a new center for developers where they plan to highlight communities in various parts of the world. They want it to be the reference center for contacting what is going on at events such as Google I / O, Android Dev Summit, Flutter Live and others.

With few hours since the premiere, it already has more than 3,000 followers, developers, designers, leaders and other users, and encourages anyone to create stories with them if we see them somewhere.

In addition to the curious fact of seeing Google announcing its launch in the social network of who until recently was “your enemy”, it is interesting to have it under control to verify what kind of strategy Google follows to get an active community in a network far from be saturated

Those of us who are dedicated to online marketing, we must always keep in mind to use it as an example in many cases, or at least we hope so.

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